About Us

Standard Rainbow celebrates the full spectrum of human beings with colorful, loud, proud design. We are inspired by nature, design, and the intrepid people who use our products.

You can find us at our studio headquarters on Orcas Island, Washington. All of our products are ethically made in the USA.

Evan Wagoner-Lynch is our Creative Director and Chief Color Officer.

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Our Story

Standard Rainbow Company Headquarters

The Standard Rainbow story began in 1910, during a period of tumult in the color industry. The Pacific Color & Pattern Company merged with the Royal Danish Color Works (Konigelge Danske Farvewerke) to form the Standard Rainbow Company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

By the early 1930s, the Standard Rainbow Company (STARACO) was the preeminent producer of colors, patterns, and artificial rainbows. However, an antitrust suit by the US government forced a breakup of the firm.

The Standard Rainbow name passed through a series of successor companies before being resurrected by noted color enthusiast Evan Wagoner-Lynch in 2018.